• Coaching Philosophy

  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy of “guided discovery” allows young players to develop their tennis skills in a positive, creative environment. Our holistic approach emphasizes the “complete athlete,” incorporating throwing, catching, and kicking skills as well as athletic footwork. We employ a graduated system of appropriate-sized equipment and courts: as students grow and improve, they progress to larger racquets, longer courts, and higher bouncing balls. Students also progress from cooperative drills and games to competitive play, culminating in the opportunity to compete in USTA tournaments attended by our coaching staff.


    We believe players learn most quickly by actively practicing skills and working as a team to accomplish goals. Our coaches teach checkpoints for each stroke, promoting proper technique while allowing players the opportunity to use a little creativity. As students drill and play games, coaches remind them of the checkpoints to ensure smooth development.


    *Age is a generalized guideline for which clinic to join. As children develop and progress at different rates, we sometimes recommend players move into a class level outside of their age group to ensure they are properly challenged. Within each clinic, players are grouped by similar ability levels.

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